A Consultative Approach to Life, Leadership and Spiritial Coaching

A Consultative Approach to Life, Leadership and Spiritial Coaching

H'i, I'm

Shanta Crichlow


Whole Person Coaching

Guiding leaders through a process to embrace and address their complete self to effectively execute their leadership style with authenticity.


Whole Person Coaching for corporate clients and business professionals (without religious affiliation).


  • Help teammates find their authentic voice as leaders and the courage to lead, comfortably and authenticity from their full self.
  • Pinpoint the personal conflicts impacting teammates’ leadership style and identify solutions to overcome or work through them.

Spiritual Empowerment Coaching

An integrative approach to mind-soul care that incorporates a combination of processes to derive and implement a plan of action to experience mental, emotional and spiritual healing and enjoy a full life.


Spiritual Empowerment Coaching is for clients who choose to employ their spiritual affiliations and learning into their personal growth, healing and development process.

1-1 Breakthrough Journal Coaching

The Consultative Coaching process using your Breakthrough Journal and entries within as the primary focus of conversation.  


Involves individualized, in-depth discussion and processing around your Breakthrough Journal writings. 


Learn more about the Breakthrough Journal here!

Trainings & Group Sessions

Still Going Pro Series

For corporations, universities, student-athletes past and present. Breakdown these powerful athletic principals and apply them to life and work beyond athletics. We’re all still going pro just not in sports.


Learn more and see samples here.

Breakthrough Journaling Group

Six-week walk through the Breakthrough Journals together in a group of 2 – 6 journalers (one day a week).


The Breakthrough Journal is a discovery processing journal designed to carry you through one life challenge. It is a self-directed guide to help you navigate the lessons God is teaching you, process your life experiences and savor the lessons, revelations and “ah-ha” moments around your one subject all in one place.


Each journaler in the group will bring one area of life in which you desire to experience a breakthrough. We’ll go deep into each section ­(1-3 sections each session). I’ll share the idea behind each section and how it was meant to be used. Time will be allotted to actually write in the section(s) for that session (or whichever section your heart leads at the moment).


Learn more about the Breakthough Journal here!

Consultative Coaching

"My Passion is to See Lives Transformed"

My Phylosophy


  • I believe peace and personal satisfaction in quality life is right within reach for every individual. 
  • I believe in an integrative process engaging mind, body, soul and all aspects that make up a person in the mental, emotional healing process, peace and direction, personal satisfaction and quality of life.
  • I believe each individual knows to some degree what they need to live satisfied in the life they possess. Some need a little more insight, others need help to unlock and embrace what they already believe, and all need a little guidance and support implementing in life what they already know.


  • Engage all aspects of the individual to achieve peace of mind
  • Peel back the layers to discover and embrace ones authentic self
  • Address pain-points and uncover blocks that may be keeping you stuck
  • Partner with you, the client, to help you see the full satisfied life and leadership right within reach

The Process


  • Exploration

    • Clients are guided through a combination of transformative, integrative discovery processes. These may include in depth mind mapping, emotion and thought exploration and evaluation, writing/journaling, (and where applicable and appropriate: listening prayer and breakthrough journaling). The aim is to understand the client, situation at hand, goals and obstacles.


    • As insight into the client is gained, an appropriate plan(s) of action is co-developed for the client for all identified areas of progress and processing.


    • Support, evaluation and discussion around the clients’ implementation process.
    • Education is about more than being exposed to information. Implementation and practice are essential for the client’s growth and progress. The goal of this education is to move leaders from unconscious incompetence to unconscious competence on the personal level (beyond skills). This process of learning includes applying the plan of action and lessons from the process, revisiting insights, experimentation, trial and error, practicing what works, and consistency in best practices.


    • The goal. The results. The transformed leaders who embrace and address their complete self to effectively execute their leadership style with authenticity.