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Shanta C.


She is an inspirational speaker, writer, licensed minister, singer in her church choir, inventor, entrepreneur…you name and she has probably already done it, wife, mother, cancer survivor. Shanta Crichlow (formally Smith) graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology in May of 2005. She attended Tech on a full athletic scholarship for track and field. As a student-athlete, Shanta earned several accolades, both in her sport and academics. She was an honor student, school record holder, and conference champion, to name a few.

Shanta has always desired to be a motivational/public speaker. But for years, she felt that she never had anything to talk about. An unexpected turn of events in the fall of 2005 changed that perspective. After graduating from college, Shanta returned to Tech to run one more season of track and pursue a master’s degree in International Affairs. Her endeavors were cut short when a track injury led to the discovery of a malignant tumor on her left femur. After a total knee replacement, four rounds of chemotherapy, and a clean bill-of-health, Shanta never turns down the opportunity to share her ordeal in the hope of inspiring others.

Shanta shares the details of her journey in her memoir, Spoiled By God. In it, she encompasses her experience with cancer, poor self-esteem, and the lessons she learned in the process. The book answers all of the questions from her audiences which she in unable to cover in one encounter. She also shares her story and other experiences through speaking engagements with several groups and organizations and she has been featured in several publications. Her unique perspective on the challenges of life inspires her audiences to break through their own barricades and find true beauty in their circumstances. Her energetic personality and provocative speech has moved her listeners to take action and do what is necessary to succeed.

Shanta Crichlow speaks on an array of topics, in which she pulls from her life experiences. She created the EasyBudget Workshop to teach attendees an effective method to take control of their finances. As an academic coach for at-risk student-athletes, she has spoken to student groups on academics, preparedness, study-skills, and thriving as a student and an athlete. Other topics include: overcoming low self-esteem and raising ones self-image and self-value and being the best “you” one can be. She has the keen ability to tailor her speeches to suit the emotional need of her audience. Shanta Crichlow does not confess to any limitations. Her ultimate goal is to be an inspiration and share with others all that she has learned.

Spoiled By God: More than Cancer. 

The Memoir of Shanta Crichlow the student-athlete…the believer…the cancer survivor. Read more

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